The Rotten Drapes Bandography:

mikemodIke Val created The Rotten Drapes in 2008, while living in Chicago.  He produced and wrote the entire “Devastated” album by himself.  Jason Griffis(bass) and Gene Dodson(drums) were enlisted to play on the “Devastated” album.  Steven Bearsley entered the mix in 2012, for production and drumming on the “Cavity” album.  Jason Griffis continued his role as the primary bass player for The Rotten Drapes on the “Cavity” album, with few exceptions.  In 2013, Darius Morgan began to play lead guitar for The Rotten Drapes and his playing can be heard on the album,”Love Songs For The Dope Sick” and the singles “Tonight”, “Slow Rewind”, and “Wondering About You”.  Steve Bearsley’s production and drumming can be heard on every song since and including the “Cavity” album.  The single “Shine On” features only Ike Val(vocals, bass, and Piano) and Steven Bearsley(Drums).   Ike Val is also the owner of Necrotic Heart Publishing (ASCAP), the publishing home of The Rotten Drapes and a multitude of other artists.





Steve Bearsley is the Owner and Chief Engineer at Straightaway Productions. He has been recording and mixing music professionally since 1998. He has been playing music since 1993, and his excitement for the audible arts has given him the opportunity take part in many records and live productions.

     As for education and experience, Steve has a degree in the Recording Arts as well as extensive experience and knowledge in recording, mixing and producing records. His first studio employment was at Trans Continental Studios in Orlando, FL where he began tracking and mixing and developing skills with MIDI production. He then moved to Chicago, IL where he took part in both live and studio production. He worked for Sound Investment, Event Engineering, the Chocolate Factory and other freelance work. While working, He also played in a band and worked to create an atmosphere and sound that would inspire. He later on partnered up with Duane Sigel at Legis Studios where they ran a diverse client base with positive feedback from their clients.

     Steve is the producer and drummer for The Rotten Drapes.  Steve first met Ike and Jason during high school, while playing in the band Conscious Pool.





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Darius Morgan is a self-taught guitarist that has studied scales and modal theory independently. He studied music theory and was a member of the fusion ensemble at SVCC in 1993. From 1995-1997, he was a member of the improvisational/acid jazz band “The Burndaddies”. The Burndaddies was Darius’ first experience writing and performing as a band. According to Darius, “Playing with The Burndaddies profoundly affected my music growth and path.” After The Burndaddies, Darius began writing music on his own and explored the infinite universe of songwriting. In 1998, Darius began working as a guitar teacher at Kidder Music.   Darius taught 40 students a week at Kidder music from 1998-2000. One of these students was Ike Val. After 2000, Darius began working at Top Dog Music, teaching guitar and working music retail. In 2001, Darius formed The Cold Turkey obscurity. Darius wrote, recorded, and played live with The Cold Turkey Obscurity for the next two years.   The Cold Turkey Obscurity hosted The Way Out Festival in 2002 and 2003. In 2002, Darius moved to Chicago and worked for Sound Investment as a freelance tech/roadie. After this, Darius began a long and isolated phase of work, recording, writing, and life discovery until joining The Rotten Drapes in 2012.




IMG_8547 Jason Griffis has always had an affinity for music. Jason became seriously interested in music around the age of six, when he found his father’s dusty 45’ record player and started listening to old Country and Rock n’ Roll records. Jason states that John Prine’s “Please Don’t Bury Me” is one of the first songs that really influenced him. Jason started out on a six string acoustic guitar at age 14. Jason then switched to bass about 6 months later after purchasing a pawnshop bass. Jason relates that someone stole his first bass about 8 months after he bought it. Jason states, “My bass was out in the garage and one night someone broke in and stole it”. Jason met Ike Val in high school through Alex Specht, a mutual friend. At the time, Alex was in a band called Dysfunctional Trend with Steven Bearsley. According to Jason, “One day Ike showed up at my door with a guitar in hard. Ike said he knew Alex and then asked me if I wanted to jam”. After that, Jason and Ike began playing together on a daily basis.  Jason and Ike put together a set of originals and Beetles’ covers (specifically the Abbey Road album).   Jason and Ike have continued to work together on multiple projects throughout the years including: Candid Catharsis and John Wilkes and the Wilted. In 2009, Jason joined The Rotten Drapes after Ike approached him about his new project. Jason Griffis passed away in 2015 and he will be eternally missed by all members of The Rotten Drapes.  Jason Griffis played bass on The Rotten Drapes first 3 albums.







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