Pale Artifact.

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Pale Artifact Final


The Rotten Drapes 4th studio album, “Pale Artifact” is finally complete.

I don’t care if you never see my name in the stars,
Cause I’ve been writing these songs before the radio charts,
Trapped in this skin, then I pause and think, that I’d rather be absolved,
Cause I really must dissolve

 All songs written by Michael Vallez

A Bearsley-Vallez Production

Tracked and mixed at Straightaway Productions

Mastered at Gravity Studios by Doug Mcbride

Album artwork created by Michael Vallez


1.  She Makes Me Feel Like Somebody Else

  • Michael Vallez- Classical guitar introduction, bass, vocals, lead and rhythm guitar
  • Athan Mireles-Drums

2. They Don’t Write Them Like This Anymore

  • Michael Vallez-Vocals, bass, lead and rhythm guitar
  • Athan Mireles-Drums

3. Last Goodbye

  • Michael Vallez- Vocals, bass, harmonica, midi tracks, guitars
  • Steven Bearsley-Drums

4. Tonight

  • Michael Vallez-Vocals, acoustic guitar, Midi tracks
  • Darius Morgan-Lead and rhythm guitar
  • Jason Griffis-Bass
  • Steven Bearsley-Drums, backup vocals

5.  Wonder About You

  • Michael Vallez- Vocals and acoustic guitar
  • Darius Morgan-Lead guitars
  • Steven Bearsley- Bass, Drums, back up vocals

6. Promised Land

  • Michael Vallez- Vocals and MIDI tracks
  • Steven Bearsley-Drums

7. Dissolve

  • Michael Vallez-Vocals, all guitars, and midi tracks
  • Athan Mireles-Drums

8.  Slow Rewind

  • Michael Vallez-Vocals, acoustic guitar, Midi tracks, bass
  • Darius Morgan-Lead and rhythm guitar
  • Steven Bearsley-Drums

9. Shine On

  • Michael Vallez- Vocals, MIDI tracks, bass
  • Steven Bearsley-Drums

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Dissolve- I always make a rough, live video of every song I write.  This is my most basic copyright and usually hidden from the public.  I’m making this video public to prove when it was authored.   Notice the time stamp on the video, May 7th 2017.


















mike lincoln






 Last Goodbye












Slow Rewind





















Shine On













Create your own album cover.  Just print out the following 4 photos and use the album cover as an example.   You can click on each image for the print option.  Cut out the appropriate area and glue it to picture three.  Add more trees if you like.

IMG_7966 IMG_7952 IMG_7622 album cover - Edited


When your done, it should look like this.  Don’t forget to add the text, with a marker of your choice.









The Rotten Drapes third album, “Love Songs For The Dope Sick” is available on  

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Front cover3

TRD back sleeve1


Advocating for compassionate, empathetic care for those suffering from opioid withdrawal and addiction.  Ahead of it’s time in scope and philosophy, the original timeless classic continues to influence the underground and the mainstream.


Ancient thoughts.

Staring At The Sun


Nothing to see here.

Take Me Away


























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